last week i didn’t post because i was too busy moving. i was crazy, carefully packing up all my possessions, moving them over to the new place one carload at a time with the help of my friends (thank you local pals), and then slowly abandoning the old flat. when it was completed, i spent all last weekend cleaning the old place. damn was it dirty.

i managed to take 2 hours and unpack 75% of my possesions last weekend too. and then i got stuck. because of all that cleaning, i had no more time to do any more last weekend. and this week i helped pete start engadget, thoroughly occupying any free time i might have had. about the only thing i’ve actually managed to do is pick out paint colors. i hope to have the paint bought and the place ready for some color shortly after i return from germany, in hopes finishing by the end of the month. i can’t wait. i would do it all now, except that there’s too much to do.

SF is a busy place these days. the asian film fest started and i got tickets for 3 movies. there’s new parks to explore now that i live in a different part of town. there’s gay weddings to marvel at. there’s training to be done. and next weekend there’s my trainer’s fight and then a walk in the woods with some wireless gurus. there’s still business cards to be printed, pants to buy, and all sorts of other preparations to make before i’m outta here. eep!

now that i’m writing alot more online for works, there’s less i want to write about for me. so i suspect this blog will be infrequesntly updated til i learn to manage my time better. in the meantime, i’m still updating the two moblogs over there, and hope to do some more good things.


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