it’s not the 15th, it’s the 11th


not to make light of today’s tragedy in madrid, but fuck the ides of march, just lock yourself at home on the 11th of every month. especially one that’s a factor of 3. the media in the us has certainly made light of it. less than 24 hours later and CNN doesn’t care about spain, all they care about is gay marriage. the california supreme court issued an injunction on gay marriages today, and there were protests in boston and all of a sudden 200 people dying needless on another continent doesn’t matter. all the news is bad today, but what happened in spain is clearly the worst. i’m sorry spain, you deserve more attention and respect than you’re getting here.

as for gavin, don’t get me wrong, i think it’s great that he’s been the champion of gay marriage. but i also know his ulterior motive, and it’s working. for a guy who’s just a mayor, and hasn’t been caught with drugs or hookers, he’s sure been in the news alot. in fact i’ll say he’s been in the news more than any other mayor since marion barry got caught smokin crack with a hooker. he’s a houselhold name on cnn, in the national news, and even in international coverage. talk about a way to leap frog into the national spotlight. gavin in 2008. i see the campaign starting already. still if he gets america to accept gay marriage, i’m all for him.


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