another blast from the past


remember a few months back when an old coworker from kinkos in DC contacted me from out of the blue? well he and i still get along famously, but that’s not the point of this post. today i walked into a cafe to do some work and some guy looks up fro his computer and says “eric!?” I look at him all confused and he says “David Fox.” This is a dude i did alot of business with when i was workin at OMAC up in oregon. He looked different, but i’m not sure how, cuz i didn’t recognize and i kept looking at him wondering what he looked like 6 years ago. anyhow it really was him and boy did he have lots to tell me.

after i left, omac becane the center of a weird partner swapping chain reaction. elizabeth and charlie, the two people left at omac after i skipped town wound up leaving their respictve spouses and moving in together. then elizabeth’s husband sean (who was a hottie) starts hangin out at david’s house cuz he’s sad or bored or whatever. next thing you know, david and his wife are getting a divorce and sean is moving in with david’s ex wife. now david is dating some ex girlfriend of his who lives like 4 blocks from me.

how is it that the people i’ve worked with keep popping back up in my life? it’s not bad, it’s just totally weird.


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