the month of decadence begins


ted and babs are leaving town in one month, and they’re not coming back- at least not to live here. they’re going to go back to florida for their wedding with all their stuff in tow, and stay there after they come back from their extended honeymoon. not having to pay rent in SF will allow them to tour around southeast asia for a few months instead of a few weeks. then they figure they won’t have to spend very long there before they move to where ever grad school or new adventures take them.

since food is so important to us, and since there’s not a whole lot of interesting cuisine in gainesville, ted and barbara have compiled a list of the places they want to eat in SF before they leave. last night, we started the month long series of last suppers at sushi at north beach. katsu was happy to see ted when we walked in, and boy were we happy to see him. for those of you who haven’t been there, sushi at north beach has some of the highest quality fish in SF despite the fact that it’s stuck between the touristy italian restaurants of north beach and the touristy seafood on fisherman’s wharf. katsu is so picky about his fish that it’s rumored he flies some of it in because he can’t get stuff that’s up to snuff locally. needless to say, it’s not cheap either, but it’s worth it.

katsu’s speciality is otoro. toro is the fatty belly of a fish, usually tuna. otoro is the choicest, smoothest most well marbled parts of the fish belly. last night we had hamachi toro, sake toro. and maguro otoro. all of it was amazing, but we treated ourselves to a super luxurious otoro treat- nigiri with otoro and foie gras. the foie gras is basted with the same sauce and grilled the same way as unagi, and then laid across the top of the otoro nigiri. it was the most sublime thing i have tasted in ages.

afterwards we went to go see dawn of the dead, you know, just to bring things back down to earth.


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