two steps closer to one of my dreams


if i knew sen. john mccain was so damn cool, i think i would have worked on his behalf during his bid for presidency. he’s one of the few voices of intellect and reason in our senate. even if he was oversimplifying the predicament, mccain asked the cable and satellite providers why he can’t order channels a la carte. slashdot has some good quotes from the good senator. But the Merc takes the other side, giving the cable and satellite providers a chance to explain why they can’t offer a la carte right now. Basically the cable companies are beholden to the content providing megacorps, forced to carry all their channels if they want a few of the popular ones. of course if the cable and satellite were forced to offer a la carte chanels, they would have to convince the megacorps to comply otherwise they’d have NO viewers for their programs, and that wouldn’t make anyone money.

not that any of this matters because it looks like someone’s finally starting the network of my dreams. ripe tv will allow me to subscribe to a series a download it over broadband. new episodes are uploaded every monday. cool huh? i can’t wait to see the shows they come up with.


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