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i’ve dropped my subscription to GQ. i’m sick of 500 pages of clothes i’ll never afford, advice i’ll never take, and stories i’ve already heard. instead i picked up a sub to esquire. the stories are interesting, the columns are cooler, but the celeb iinterviews and sex advice are just as bad. the other consolation […]

no thanks


san francisco is extremely expensive but has very moderate weather- this adds up to a pretty large homeless population. i have this policy- i’m happy to give homeless people food- fresh, leftovers, whatever’s around or i have money for. many people are grateful for anything i offer, but there are times when people flat out […]



why does every season of alias, exceptt for the first one, i guess, wind up in a chick fight? it’s gettting way too predictable.

i’m so sad. my ipod is busted. i’m not sure when or how it happened but someting either happened on the motherboard or to the headset jack, and now it sounds like shite! i checked with apple, if i send it to them there’s no repair. they just replace the whole thing and it costs […]

flex that skill


even though i have an old house of pain song caught in my head, i’m listening to some awesome new stuff i just have to share. the kid actually got me started on another nu-soul kick. it had been a while since i was into the good stuff. he started me off with joss stone. […]

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9 new stencils today.

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a great round up of series 60 freeware from rafe at symbian diaries, though he left out my favorite – autolock and check this out: rss feeds of new torrents uploaded to suprnova and torrentz