busy busy


i’m finally getting my ass in gear and getting things done. (i’m getting it done again!) so it’s all cool and the gang here in SF, except that i know i’m gonna miss ted and babs. and now nigel is wishing for home. he gets like this every spring. i hope he doesn’t cave in and leave for good. karl’s gonna come visit in a few days, and who wouldn’t like that? so the thought of wacky hijinx with karl and with boys is keepin me sane.

there’s a boy, now called berkeley boy, we went out twice this week. once to see eternal sunshine, which you should see if you haven’t already, and once to play in the sunshine. he’s all things good plus he likes comic books to boot. it makes for lots of fun super hero talk. he’s in film school and loretta’s already waiting for her chance to pitch him scripts.

finally as part of the ass getting in gear i uploaded 9 new pix to no one stencil- go click over to your right and enjoy.


One Response to “busy busy”

  1. 1 johnny

    Ahh, Berkeley Boy–so finally you have met someone who shares your passion for jam bands and hemp hoodies!

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