best quote from a sci-fi book


cory doctorow was a local scifi writer. now he’s moving to london, so he’s not local anymore. like neal stephenson, his work has less to do with way out technology and fantastic adventures and more to do with how future technologies could impact society. also like neal stephenson, the more he writes, the more near-term his work becomes. you can totally see how the things he’s writing now could come true in your lifetiime, not 100 or more years out. I got his latest book, and like all the others, i think it’s brilliant. not just how he dreams up a future society, but the way he writes about it as though it’s an everyday thing. If you don’t want buy it, you can download it from cory’s site. then if you like it, buy it or send him some dough, eh? cool.

anyway i was reading it yesterday when i came across this package. let’s face it we’ve ALL dated crazy people before, so i’m sure you can appreciate this as much as i did…

“so my dad took me aside, put his arm around me, and said, ‘szandor, you know i like that girlfriend of yours, but she is crazy. not a little crazy, really crazy. maybe she won’t be crazy forever, but if she gets better, it won’t be because of you. trust me, i know this. you can’t fuck a crazy girl sane, son.'”


2 Responses to “best quote from a sci-fi book”

  1. 1 johnny

    Eric: thanks for the info–about fourteen years too late…

  2. 2 Mark


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