fashion vs. style


ted and i talked about this at length one day. during his most recent trip to florida, ted was labeled metrosexual or even full on gay by the locals back home. the people i know tend to have style. style is different than fashion. style is when you own it, fashion is when it owns you. those with style buy nice things, wear nice things, but they wear them as though they’re everyday clothes. expensive jeans get holes in them, shirts get a stain, jackets get dirty. sure you WASH the stuff, but it still looks worn, and you look comfortable in it. this is the trick to guys guys have when they look good in a suit. they wear them as though it’s totally natural for them to have one on. me, i can’t do it with a suit, but i have plenty of $130 jeans fraying at the heels. other pals have different approaches but every one of them looks like they’ve been wearing whatever they put on for their whole life. that’s a good thing.


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