someone left these by the stairs


just after i came back from germany yoshi, one of the kickboxing cronies, asked me if i felt like i was in the best shape of my life. i answered honestly, “i don’t know. i remember being in pretty good shape senior year at rochester, but maybe that’s because i was in such poor shape before then. anyhow i wondered why yoshi, who is 25 and buff and one of the most skillful fighters i know was asking me that.

a week or two later i caught a glance of myself in the mirror and noticed my love handles were gone. i never had jiggly ones, but i always had fat deposits there- at least since i was 16. i remember johnny poking fun and saying i had an old man body, even back in those in-shape days in rochester. now they’re gone. i honestly don’t know how they just disappeared like that, but they did.

then yesterday big brandon (another kb cronie) and i got into this discussion on how all the regulars have leaned out this year. we’ve all lost all extra mass- muscle and fat. like our instructors we are becoming small and tough. tat wong will never have a team of heavyweight fighters.

oh and the title is a reference to some new america get healthy commercial where some dude finds two liver shaped fatty blobs and brings them to the lost and found. “someone lost these by the stairs,” he says. “oh yah, love handles,” says the dude at the lost and found desk, “people lose those taking the stairs all the time.”


One Response to “someone left these by the stairs”

  1. 1 johnny

    For the record I was only referring to your posture.

    And of course Eric G is old mannish too–imagine him puttering around the house in a cardigan drinking tea at 5 am.

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