can’t go outside without my walkman on


i’m so sad. my ipod is busted. i’m not sure when or how it happened but someting either happened on the motherboard or to the headset jack, and now it sounds like shite! i checked with apple, if i send it to them there’s no repair. they just replace the whole thing and it costs 260 bucks (including shipping). but why would i want to pay that when a new 15 gigger (i only have a 10) costs just 40 more brand new- less if i look on craigslist.

i’m looking online to see if i can find some instruction on futzing around inside the ipod to see if i can fix the damn. if i try and fail, i’m sending the guts to brian, since his battery is fried and he could use the bigger hard drive too. (he’s still using a 5 gig. eep!)


2 Responses to “can’t go outside without my walkman on”

  1. 1 Mark

    You might want to look at to see if it’s related to what you’re experiencing. If not, google up “ipod repair”. There are a lot of listings.

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