no thanks


san francisco is extremely expensive but has very moderate weather- this adds up to a pretty large homeless population. i have this policy- i’m happy to give homeless people food- fresh, leftovers, whatever’s around or i have money for. many people are grateful for anything i offer, but there are times when people flat out reject my offerings- even if it’s freshly bought. yesterday there was a guy asking for money outside the dimsum shop. so when i bought my lunch, i bought him a tasty meal too. i brought the buns and sticky rice out to him and he flat out rejected it. “i’m trying to get some money for sweet and sour pork and white rice next door.” i’m thinking “here dude. i’m offering you food, you don’t have to eat it now.” but nope, he didn’t want it. and he was saving up for pork so it’s not like i was offering something he wouldn’t eat. “your loss pal, i was trying to be nice” was all i could say.


One Response to “no thanks”

  1. 1 Wes

    This is pretty much why I have a just say no policy to giving homeless people anything. The “system” of being homeless has been so corrupted by those who are homeless out of choice rather than circumstance that it’s unlikely that “helping” someone is helping solve the problem at all.

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