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this weekend has been pretty quiet. and the only thing i spent money on was going out and drinkin and eating in the nice warm weather with pals until today. i went to lunch with cheri and we went to go check out recon, this store that sells cool japanese clothes and stuff. only recon […]

tv revolution is a series of documentaries on bravo. every episode they pick one subject and follow how it has evolved from tv’s first days until this year. this week they showed one on sex and had ryan murphy, the creater of nip/tuck, on representing the furthest sex has evolved on tv. i knew there […]

ouch. my knee


i picked up the langster today. the day started out depressingly foggy, but it burnt off into a mild but windy afternoon. riding the langster around the nice flat mission wasn’t bad at all. even with a 46 instead of a 48, i was pedaling kinda slow, especially in a head wind. boy does that […]

yesterday i took a 54 cm langster for a test ride at american cyclery. i was surprised it fit pretty well thanks to the sloping top tube, but i was hesitant. plus they were selling them for 40 bux above msrp – $480. so this morning i called around and there was only one 52 […]

2 liners


a bunch of things that don’t merit their own post- eep! someone came to this site by searching for my name, i hope my family doesn’t figure this out. maybe i need to change my author profile here to my pen name, though i’d like to keep this site as the “Real” me. i rode […]

let’s just call it everyone wants to ride with lance. it starts with lance riding along side a train, cuts to lance riding along the road with a bunch of harleys, who all close up to be around him. then lance is off on his own, but birds are migrating with him, buffaloes are running […]



so the abortion is truly on its last legs now. i, the little guy, actually broke two spokes on the front wheel. when i went to replace them, i realized a bunch of the nipples had seized, so i could true it on my own. i left it with the guys at vision, who did […]