crazy guy walks dog


or how to make better use of wasted time.

i spend over an hour every day walking my dog. it’s not really wasted time because it makes my dog happy, i get some fresh air, and we both get a little exercise. but lately i’ve discovered how to make better use of this time while still getting mac (and me) our exercise.

with all the extra space on my new ipod, i’ve gone and downloaded the entire pimsleur mandarin courses and put the first set on my ipod. so now when i take mac to golden gate park in the afternoon, i start a lesson once we get to the park and wander around speaking broken pre-school chinese. each lesson is just under 30 minutes long, which is enough time for mac to wander around the park, and about all i can take of making a fool of myself in public.

my friend beth used these lessons for japanese and had great results. i hope i can pick up at least a little bit. mandarin is tough but the more i listen to it, the more i can hear the tones i need to know.


2 Responses to “crazy guy walks dog”

  1. 1 nihao

    Vocabulary practice for pimsleur mandarin, it’s really helpful

  2. 2 Awais

    I want to ask you that from where did you download the mandarin course. Can you please send me that link at

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