night of fire


night of fire is actually one of the songs from the initial D game, it’s actually my ringtone. but tonite was the night of fire.

jeff and i went down to the castro theatre to see the 50th anniversary re-master of the original godzilla. they added back in a few scenes and cleaned up some of the footage. the new scenes really helped to drive home just how emotionally devastated japan was after WW2. the special effects are, of course, awful. so much so that we actually laughed at them most of the time. i also noticed that godzilla really gets a thrill out of lighting all of tokyo on fire. which was ironic because…

we were walking back to lower haight to grab a bite to eat when we saw some flares in the road. we looked up the street and noticed a commotion up by jeff’s house, it looked like fire trucks or and ambulance or something. as we got closer, we saw there were a bunch of first trucks and they were oddly close to jeff’s apartment. the closer we got, the better we could see that his place looked ok but something was wrong close by- right next door in fact. it turns out there was a fire in the building next to jeff’s and the whole place went up in flames. luckily jeff’s apartment is all ok, but he’s a bit shaken up no doubt.


2 Responses to “night of fire”

  1. 1 Harmony

    craziness, that apt building is (or was) my friends’ apt building. now they are living in a motel until they can find a new place.

  2. 2 neil

    hello, i love initial d. i was wondering where you found the ringtone for night of fire!? i been searching everywhere!

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