the tribulus experiment


for the past year or so i’ve been hearing things about soy. sometimes good things sometimes well not bad but not great things. i’ll say this, i’ve felt like 10 times better since i gave up milk and cut back on cheese. it made me feel lighter, more spry, really!

but one of the negative things i’ve heard about consuming too much soy (it’s in my soy milk, my clif bars, even my trail mix) is that it lowers testosterone by telling the body to use up the building blocks to make other for girl-friendly hormone building blocks. i’m not sure if it’s for real or psuedo science but i decided what the hell. i’ve been reading (and listening) alot to how testosterone levels effect both men and women and thought mine might be a little low. since i don’t have insurance or anything, i can’t exactly just walk into an office and get my levels tested. so i’m just guessing here.

i decided to do something about it. the safest thing i could find to do was 2-fold. one is work out large muscle combos (legs-back, chest-shoulders, back-shoulders, etc) with heavy weights. the other is to chemically trick your body into producing more testosterone. (there are other less safe methods like steroids, but i’m not lookin to be a muscle head, just to put a little more oomph into my body.)

i decided to go for both methods. i’d start of with the chemical tricks and move into the workout tricks. i figured that since kickboxing is pretty much all large muscle combos when done right, that i’d add to it with heavy weights once i tried the chemical boost. from everything i’ve read, if you’re into working out, it’s hard to not want to once your T levels start rising.

so there’s this herb called tribulus. it’s available in any health food store. what it does is block your liver from making the hormone that tells your gonads to stop making hormones. so for dudes, that means you keep on producing testosterone until the body digests the tribulus, which takes long enough that it raises your testosterone, but not so long that it starts to poison you. you can help the tribulus by either supplementing it with the basic building blocks of hormones (zinc, magnesium, etc) or by going higher up the hormone chain with (andro- whatevers). i decided not to go over-the-top right away so i got a low dose version of tribulus (about 2/3rds the max recomendation) and a multi vitamin with high zinc and magnesium content.

before i started i had already broken an endurance plateau in kickboxing. so i won’t credit maintaining this to tribulus. here’s what i’ve noticed so far (about five days in now).

the first couple of days, i could feel my body trying to digest this. i just got that slight indigestion feeling but nothing that hurt. i also noticed a change in how i got hungry. for the first time in ages, when i got hungry, i felt *really* hungry. but i haven’t actually felt the need to eat more than usual. just the need to eat has become more desperate when it arises.

after 3 or 4 days i noticed i felt a little stronger in the gym both lifting and kickboxing. it’s been nice, but not anything super human. i’ve also felt a little bit more aggressive in the gym, but not out of control. just enough to help my skills.

today the urge finally kicked in. anything is preferable to sitting still. i couldn’t sit thru the season finale of alias without doing situps. i also have been keeping myself busier around the house and shit. unfortunately the ADD is still kickin, so all this means so far is that there are even more unfinished projects started around the house.

i’ll try to keep you up to date on how things progress


2 Responses to “the tribulus experiment”

  1. Hey, cool tips. Perhaps I’ll buy a glass of beer to that person from that forum who told me to go to your site 🙂

  2. 2 Pauly Wallis

    It is always fun to find a good buy. I am on my second bottle of the Dr Max Powers Testosterone Boost – which is Tribulus supplements …. I am really amazed at how it has helped me.

    I am finding that I am developing muscle mass much easier than I used to. Without a lot of exercise, it looks like I have actually been working out a lot. I have also found that my back muscles feel a lot better after regular and heavy lifting. I carried a large tv uspstairs, with the help of a friend. I had to grab it down low, over and over again with each step, and I was at the top end so I really had to bend.

    I was sure my back with be very soar for a few days but suprisingly, my back muscles recovered very quickly and I wasnt even soar the next day. I also find myself less nervous talking to people in general. I attribute this to the Tribulus as I am convinced that it has restored my natural levels where they had been lacking. I am a huge fan of the Dr Max Powers products and will continue with this brand.

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