new nike lance commercial


let’s just call it everyone wants to ride with lance. it starts with lance riding along side a train, cuts to lance riding along the road with a bunch of harleys, who all close up to be around him. then lance is off on his own, but birds are migrating with him, buffaloes are running along side him, he leads a swarm of moths through a night ride in the woods. it’s day time again and a bunch of school kids (some of whom are on crutches or in wheel chairs, rush to the window to watch lance ride by. down on the street, lance is riding thru the financial district of SF, and is soon being chased by growing swarm of messengers. he pulls away and is out in a suburb somewhere where some little kid on a 20″ wearing a toy football helmet is pedaling hard to catch up. lance starts coasting and the commercial finishes with a close up of the kid’s front wheel drafting lance. i think i cried. i’ll check nike for a link… i checked nike and they don’t have a single commercial online, not even the lance one. sorry.


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