2 liners


a bunch of things that don’t merit their own post-

eep! someone came to this site by searching for my name, i hope my family doesn’t figure this out. maybe i need to change my author profile here to my pen name, though i’d like to keep this site as the “Real” me.

i rode a langster yesterday. it rides great. so smooth, so nimble. it turns out i fit fine on a 54 since that’s a 54 in new sloping top tube terms. i’m trying a 52 today. i might own one before the day is done.

johnny needs a blog so he can write down all the fun things he tells me instead of me writign them. last night he called to say he heard GWB pronounce exemplary “egg ZEMP loo air ee.” we decided this is our new favorite month.

johnny also told me that phish is calling it quits because “they don’t want to become a charicature of themselves.” you mean they weren’t already a charicature of themselves, oh no, that’s right, they were a charicature of the grateful dead. now who will all the hippie slackers follow?

on the tribulus: although i haven’t broken out in teenage acne, my face is definitely greasier and harder to keep zit-free. i am also continually starting too many things, which it’s now very hard to finish. i also have the urge to do crunches or curls or pushups or something pretty much non stop now when i’m not at kickboxing.


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