i like my grey bike


yesterday i took a 54 cm langster for a test ride at american cyclery. i was surprised it fit pretty well thanks to the sloping top tube, but i was hesitant. plus they were selling them for 40 bux above msrp – $480. so this morning i called around and there was only one 52 cm in all of SF, and i wasn’t going to buy a 54 until i tried a 52. valencia cyclery, who i like as well, had both a 54 and a 52 in stock. so i rode over there around noon and took both bikes for a test ride. i fit ok on the 54 but i could tell i fit really well on the 52 because it handled like a slot car. it wasn’t squirrely and it tracked way more precisely than the 54. so i didn’t want to lose my only chance at the perfect bike, so i bought it. yup. i bought the last 52 cm langster in SF, and DMAN am i happy.


One Response to “i like my grey bike”

  1. 1 bryan

    hey, found this post completely by luck, but i’m looking to buy a langster. i’m 5’8″ with a 30″ inseam… i was just wondering if that sounds about right for the 52cm… i’d appreciate any insight i can get because i live in the middle of nowhere, USA so i’m shopping online. thanks a lot!!

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