ouch. my knee


i picked up the langster today. the day started out depressingly foggy, but it burnt off into a mild but windy afternoon. riding the langster around the nice flat mission wasn’t bad at all. even with a 46 instead of a 48, i was pedaling kinda slow, especially in a head wind. boy does that put a strain on the knees. remember those huge gears crazy in lake placid used to push? that’s kinda how i felt, especially once i left the mission and started heading up hill to home. i made it all the way without gettin off the bike, but i spent some time out of the saddle.

so now i have to make a decision. i could put an even lower gear on the langster (it’s a 46 16 now, i’m thinking 42 17), and go back to spinning at a good pace. or i could stick with the big gear. if my knees can take it, i know the big gear and strenuous pedaling will help me build hayden-sized thighs.


One Response to “ouch. my knee”

  1. 1 Mark

    It ain’t worth possibly damaging your knees — keep your cadence up and the effort down. Trust me.

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