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i’ve noticed there’s a large proportion of gay genetics and biochemical researchers who are around 25-30 years old. i can’t help but think that these are guys who are young enough that they were comfortable being gay in high school or early on in college and that they was the height of the aids crisis. […]

it’s stupid. there’s no reason for it. but of all the songs i listen to, “this place is a prison” by the postal service speaks to me in a way that the smiths speak to tortured 19 year old homos. johnny knew i had a special connection to this song when he noticed it mentions […]

at least that what they tell us in the chronicles of riddick – that somehow some people are just born with superior reflexes, strength, prowess. riddick has all these qualities because he’s from a superior race. it’s an easy explanation to make us feel less pitiful, and more complacent. this dude is a super badass […]

perfect gear


this week my new 42 tooth single speed chain ring came from dan’s bmx. they have a good website, and they sell lots of cool bmx / single speed gear – even for crazy people with road cranks like the langster came spec’d with. today i got out the sad remains of my bike tools […]

i finished up with the first 30 tribulus cycle about 4 days ago. i’m glad i don’t have to remember take pills any more. the last week went well and there was nothing to report that was any different from week 3. it’s impossible to attribute the physical results to tribulus alone, because i had […]

despite the breakup of creed and phish there’s still tons of bands making awful music that need to be cleansed off the face of the planet. like nickelback, for instance. nickelback, like creed before it is religious rock cloaked in pop garb. worse than that apparently they’re not only derivative of creed and other psuedo-rock […]

russia is so desperate for money that for something like 10 grand, you can take a flight in a MIG fighter. that used to be the cool thing for rich thrill junkies to do. but crazy microsoft super millionaire paul allen figured flying into space would be WAY cooler. so he gave some private aerospace […]