don’t try this at home… or out


sunday was “carnivale,” which isn’t carnivale like mardi gras, it’s more just like fiesta time. so of course any excuse to party in the streets right? me, craig and his crazy crew had to go, of course. so we walk over and the first thing we think once we’re at the fiesta is “margaritas!” (what else would be our first thought?) there was a margarita stand thingy not too far from the entrance. we all spied it right away. how lucky we were, or so we thought.

they weren’t actually mixing margaritas at this stand. in fact there wasn’t a bottle of tequila to be found at all of carnivale. instead they were serving this crap called king margarita. it’s supposed to be pre-mixed margarita with tequila and lime juice and crap all mixed together. instead of tasting like a margarita, it tastes like green hypnotiq. it was gross. you couldn’t taste any tequila, all you could taste is kool aid sweetness and some weird chemical aftertaste. it was awful. avoid this like the plague even if it’s the last thing in the liquor cabinet at a house party at 4:30 am.

i tried to do some digging to find out whether this was, in fact, just green hypnotic. however there’s no information for either hypnotic or king margarita on the web. weird.


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