speaking in code


you all are familiar with my obsession for the hunky handymen on home repair shows by now. one who i haven’t mentioned is this dude called “sparky” on in a fix. in today’s show, sparky is wearing a shirt that says “sheila” across it in big red letters. sheila is aussie slang for homo. could sparky be on my team? i would think that since there is an aussie guy on the show, he might point this out to sparky before he wore it on camera in front of millions of americans. in which case, i’m keeping my hopes up. we’ll see if they deal with it on the show at all.


One Response to “speaking in code”

  1. 1 Megster

    Yeah… Sheila means girl. That could mean he likes girls. I’m a chick and I have a shirt that says, “everyone loves an Irish boy” Does that mean I’m homosexual? No.

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