hooray for crazy billionaires!


russia is so desperate for money that for something like 10 grand, you can take a flight in a MIG fighter. that used to be the cool thing for rich thrill junkies to do. but crazy microsoft super millionaire paul allen figured flying into space would be WAY cooler. so he gave some private aerospace engineer some money and a few years and lots of hard work later, they’re actually launching a private aircraft into space. seriously, without the red tape and bureaucracy it only took these guys a few years to design a shuttle, and on monday, they’re launching it.

i know this sounds awful but the only thing that scares me is paul allen’s cursed hand. everything he invests in sounds so cool but turns to shit. i don’t follow the blazers since i left pdx, so i don’t know if they’ve improved, but the experience music project, tech tv, etc all sound like great ideas, all start off with great cool things, and then all turn to shit. i don’t want to see this project go the same way. i want private spacecraft to become a reality. i know it’s nerdy, but it’s more as proof that we don’t need the government to do everything for us. there are some things we might actually do better on our own (and yes, some we won’t). and if this works, maybe we can take all that money bush earmarked for mars and pay down some of the awful deficit he’s creating. see? crazy millionaires going into space is good for all americans!


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