the tribulus experiment – summary


i finished up with the first 30 tribulus cycle about 4 days ago. i’m glad i don’t have to remember take pills any more. the last week went well and there was nothing to report that was any different from week 3. it’s impossible to attribute the physical results to tribulus alone, because i had made some other changes recently as well. between all these factors, i’ve noticeably lost more body fat from a few spots i was lookin to get rid of, and i’ve filled out in some places i’ve always been kinda weak like my shoulders. i will totally attribute a burst in enthusiasm and a slight increase in agression to the tribulus, because i know my diet doesn’t effect those two things.

when i went off the tribulus the first couple days were normal. then on sunday i literally couldn’t do anything, i think that was the day may T levels finally fell. today everything felt like it has in recent weeks. i felt good in class, i was able to get shit done otherwise, and all was well. i hope that my plan worked and if i continue to work like i have that my testostorone levels will stay up naturally.


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