it’s all about genetics


at least that what they tell us in the chronicles of riddick – that somehow some people are just born with superior reflexes, strength, prowess. riddick has all these qualities because he’s from a superior race. it’s an easy explanation to make us feel less pitiful, and more complacent. this dude is a super badass because he was born that way. don’t feel bad that you can’t be this cool. you weren’t born special, and no matter how hard you work, you’ll never achieve this. in riddick, the little girl from the first movie (who’s supposed to be 17 but looks 25) becomes a badass kiilling machine, but in the end, of course, riddick has to save her ass cuz she still can’t keep up with him.

the action scenes, whether it was riddick or the chick doing the slaying, were great. vin really does make a believable badass. his fight scenes are good. they aren’t over choreographed. they’re efficient. i hate to say this but kind of like steven seagal’s movies (before he was fat and playing a banjo). the more i learn about fighting, the more critical i am of action scenes. vin always does them well. i know y’all are gonna when i say this, but matt damon fought really well in the bourne identity, so i’m lookin forward to the bourne supremacy.

which brings us to the other movie / tv way to explain superior fighting prowess – super special training programs. jason bourne, sidney bristow, even bruce wayne, though he didn’t go through a super soldier program, still trained with a number of masters. all of these folks are badass fighters because they went to some special school that you and i can’t go to.

i’m jealous of all these people. sure they’re fictional, but everytime i see a surgical fight i wish i was capable of that. yes i train to fight, but no, i don’t think i could ever fight that clean, or that well no matter how hard i work. and i’d need to work a lot harder just to get close. in some ways i want to excuse the fact that i am less than what i see on the screen by lamenting i wasn’t born with superior speed or strength, or complaining that i never took the opportunity to train for this when i was young and too busy being a prissy stuck up fag to discover this is what i wanted to do. then i try to remember that these people are fictional, that real people, no matter how badass, still aren’t this badass. sure there’s guys out there who i know are 100 times tougher than me, but they don’t present an unachievable ideal. they’re still human and give me a goal i believe i could reach if i worked at it.

it’s kinda funny because this brings me to MI-5. there’s something about this show i’ve always wanted to talk about but couldn’t find the right way to say it until now. i’m not sure if it’s an english vs. american or just something about the english psyche, but in MI-5, their super spies are human. they are not invincible. they are not fighting machines. one dude got taken down by 3 14 year olds. the main dude, tom, has pulled off some amazing stunts, but he’s also lost fights and planned some pretty poor missions. he’s human. he’s totally fallable even if he comes out on top most the time. our heros, whether on tv or in the movies are rarely fallable when they’re agents or spies. only when they’re athletes (i.e. rocky).

you all know what i mean right?


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