the king of pain


it’s stupid. there’s no reason for it. but of all the songs i listen to, “this place is a prison” by the postal service speaks to me in a way that the smiths speak to tortured 19 year old homos. johnny knew i had a special connection to this song when he noticed it mentions the cascades. i couldn’t find decent lyrics online to link to so here they are:
this place is prison
these people aren’t your friends
inhaling thrills through 20 dollar bills
and the tumblers are drained
and then flooded again and again

there’s guards at the onramp
armed to the teeth
and you may case the grounds
from the cascades to puget sound
but you are not permitted to leave

i know there’s a big a world out there
like the one i saw on the screen
in my living room late last night
it was almost too bright to see.
i know it’s not a party
if it happens every night
pretending there’s glamour in candleabra
when you’re drinking by candle light.

what does it take
to get a drink in this place.
what does it take.
how long must i wait?


One Response to “the king of pain”

  1. 1 johnny

    the you may case the grounds line is really cool–both because it is wonderfully evocative and creepy and site-specific, and because it alludea to the Eagles’s zeitgeist-capturing monstrosity “Hotel California” (you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave). I listened to that song recently with the fancy Shure headphones and it has the most nuanced mix imaginable… all these weird ambient noises & etc. Boy is that a great record. “Transatlanticism” is even better tho–lacks the Depeche Mode overtones but excellent songwriting. The song “license & registration” is on the new Believer mix cd, which is included with their new music issue, which features an excellent piece on Elliott Smith.

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