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an LAF bracelet. yep. that’s right. they are everywhere. when i sent them to all the pals before the tour started, i rarely saw them. as the tour went on, they started peeking out from beneath sleeves and over watches, showing up on wrists all over SF and on TV. last week just before lance […]

it’s on!


remember the nike commercial with lance armstrong i told you about before? well it’s finally on nike’s site. go watch it now and share the goosebumps

freshness, the uber-cool sneaker culture magazine is launching a limited line of t-shirts. if you pre-order by august 15, they’re only 24 bucks (not bad considering the price of most stylin tees). and although now it’s 15 bux instead of 10, threadless has reprinted the super awesome flowers in the attic on beige shirts. and […]

though i didn’t buy anything i don’t desperately need, i bought a few thinngs today to cheer myself up, a little retail therapy. even if it was “necessities,” they were all cool enough (and expensive enough, god am i shallow) to boost my mood. I finally got some new gloves for kickboxing – real leather […]

george eastman, founder of eastman kodak was obviously a rich, smart, powerful dude. he invented consumer photography, he built an empire, he saw the world, he hunted big game. he had tons of friends, he had everything, but he never had a mate. at the age of 78, eastman committed suicide. if i remember correctly, […]

but i’m going to vote for them anyway. i’m not a republican, i never have been and probably never will be. so i don’t think kerry/edwards will lose because they’re wrong or represent a minority or anything. they will lose because they are weak. i heard a political analyst (who was a liberal) once say […]

getting lost


after weeks of downloading them religiously every sunday night or monday morning, i finally started getting caught up on six feet under. i’m a one computer man now, so whenever i play video off the computer, i can’t do anything else on it, which sucks. i know i could watch it in a window, but […]