what i learned from fahrenheit 9/11


first, i’ve learned that fahrenheit is a bitch to spell. so it will be referred to hereafter as f911.

but i learned a personal lesson. until now i’ve been saying that i believe W’s re-election is inevitable and that if it happens i’m leaving this country. moore has taught me a valuable lesson. i actually like america. despite our flaws this place isn’t half bad. sure i don’t have medical insurance because i can’t afford. sure we’re about to ammend the consititution to take away rights for the first time ever. sure we’re in the midst of war fought for no good reason. but there aren’t many places around the globe where i’d be this well off, despite my issues.

running away is not the answer. what i need to do is stay here and do everything in my power to make sure things go right. i don’t have much sway over people who don’t already agree with me. i don’t know what it will take to convince them. but somehow it’s my duty to make sure that enough people can think critically and act on those thoughts in a unified manner to make sure that more bad crap doesn’t happen. running away doesn’t help me or any of my fellow country men. being a well informed dissenter is no longer enough. we who are smart and well off (even if we can’t afford insurance, we can afford food and rent) have a duty to make sure we dissent in an organized manner. one that can have an actual effect.

i don’t believe in protests, they never do anything. i don’t know what i believe can have an effect. voting? we’ve already learned that unless there’s an overwhelming, our votes don’t really count. i’ll still vote and encourage everyone i know to do the same, but i’m not sure it will make enough of a difference. somehow i think helping the democrats get organized for the long term is the answer. i think that coming up with a coherent strategy and that i and every other person who cares can act on is an answer. i obviously don’t have clear thoughts about this yet but need to come up with some.

more importantly i learned that mony of the soldiers in iraq now and who have returned from iraq are not terribly pleased about what they’ve been asked to do. they no longer support bush and have lost all respect for rumsfeld.


One Response to “what i learned from fahrenheit 9/11”

  1. 1 Mark

    I too don’t know that protesting does anything. Even the WTO protesters, for all their might, really haven’t accomplished much except to force higher security around the WTO gatherings. I’m not excited by the Democrats either, since they still seem to be trying to find a voice. I don’t know what the magic bullet it, but I pray someone finds it. Soon.

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