t shirt idea


since about 100 people have come to this site looking for the elusive “the only carb that matters is under my hood” t-shirt, i’m taking matters into my own hands. kfc does not have the shirt for sale. so i’m trying to get a screen capture of the tshirt off the kfc commercial. as soon as i get one i will copy the design (or make an even better one) and get it up for sale ASAP. i promise


4 Responses to “t shirt idea”

  1. 1 Katy

    Hey, if you can get a still of the t-shirt that reads “I’m in the Colonel’s Army” too that would be great. Thanks

  2. 2 Amber

    Hey, thanks alot. I really want that shirt for my b/f. He loves that shirt!

  3. 3 Alyssa

    Thank you!!! Let me know, I will be your first customer!!!


  4. 4 Cayci

    yes, i would totally buy the shirt. My b/f wants it. let me know when you do.

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