getting lost


after weeks of downloading them religiously every sunday night or monday morning, i finally started getting caught up on six feet under. i’m a one computer man now, so whenever i play video off the computer, i can’t do anything else on it, which sucks. i know i could watch it in a window, but i like to watch video fullscreen, on my tv. finally, tonight i was sick enough of doing other shit on the computer that i could finally just plunk it down and play some episodes.

despite the hiatus, it was easy to get sucked into the magical soCal world of the fishers. the new season is actually better than last one. maybe because now i’m used to the new format, but i think it’s more because the people are coming into their characters. it’s like when you watch early Simpsons or sex in the city after you’ve seen like season 5. the early shows look so JV and stilted.

watching good tv (and i that means good tv, not just shows i like) is like watching a really good movie. i’m willing to suspend my disbelief, i enter the fictional world, i experience life right along side the characters. my heart races during exciting scenes. i can’t sit still when there’s emotional tension. i you think that’s pathetic, you should see me when i play video games. i’m crazy since they’re a million times more immersive than tv. speaking of which. i guess i’m pickin up prince of persia and tao feng for the xbox. i know they’re not brand new or anything but both have come highly recommended.


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