more hot, cheap t-shirts and stuff


freshness, the uber-cool sneaker culture magazine is launching a limited line of t-shirts. if you pre-order by august 15, they’re only 24 bucks (not bad considering the price of most stylin tees).

and although now it’s 15 bux instead of 10, threadless has reprinted the super awesome flowers in the attic on beige shirts.

and while we’re on cheap stuff that makes you look good, say goodbye to the body shop and hello to sharps. it’s tough to find in stores, but easy to buy online. some of the stuff is a bit more expensive than the body shop, some is the same price, but it’s all worth it. all the stuff is just for guys and even though it’s got plants in it, it doesn’t leave you smelling like flowers or with that chemical feeling like the cheap skin care stuff has. my only complaint is that the tuning lotion doesn’t have any sunscreen in it. guess i’m stickin with the nivea or body shop stuff til sharps comes up with something with a little more protection.


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