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so there’s something going on. something sneaky and underground. it starts at this i love bees site. there is a contdown clock that reaches zero on this tuesday, and if you bounce around enough in the site, clicking on links, there is a list of gps coordinates with times. so i, in a fit of […]

thank you for repaving 6th ave north of golden gate park. it means so much to us cyclists who use that route to exit the park bound for the inner richmond. it’s so pleasant now compared to the pothole and crack ridden street it used to be. dear motorcycle cop somewhere in the mission, san […]

en light enment


if you’ve been following the story of soon to be ex new jersey guv mcGreevey, here’s the best headline ever about the scandal alien vs. predator. get it?



last week’s nip/tuck episode lacked any levity what so ever, it didn’t break for a second. it was the most amazing piece of television i think i’ve ever seen. this week’s was pretty harsh too but just couldn’t stand up to last week. six feet under has come pretty close with a few brutal episodes […]

this week INFURIATED me politically. after going to see outfoxed with craig on last sunday, i was finally coming to terms with kerry and edwards keeping quiet on gay issues. the documentary pointed out the republicans are using these issues to divide the country, when in truth, there are more important things and republicans don’t […]

i’m totally frustrated by 100 things today but let me say these good things before i say anything bad. 1. i got a new 12″ powerbook because johnny needs a new ibook and i wanted to move up to something with more, more power. i love it. i can’t believe how fast it is, or […]



so furious right now. long story short – remember how i called kerry and edwards spineless? well now we know why they weren’t so forthcoming about their platform. at the dnc, john kerry announced that details of all their stances were at the website, so i went there, searched high and low and couldn’t find […]