who’s wearing yellow


ok. so i sunk to a new low today and read the gossip page of the SF examiner. an “article” about the wearyellow bracelets caught my eye, but i couldn’t help but read the dirt. what did i learn?

first the gossip: charlize theron is going to play aeon flux in a live action version of the cartoon. and sandra bullock is dating jesse fucking james. i am so jealous.

what i learned about the LAF. nike donated the first $1million worth of bracelets, which apparently the LAF has gone through already. They’ve made $6 million, sold 7 million bracelets and ordered almost 2 miilion more because they’re all out already. the article named off a bunch of stars seen wearing the bracelet, but all i remember is like ben stiller. they made a really big deal about the fact that kerry was seen wearing one during his campaigning all last week, as well as during his appearance at the DNC (see previous post). it said kerry has survived prostate cancer as well. who knew? apparently george bush’s press team got all worried kerry was one upping W, and with a texan, no less. today W’s press manager issued a release saying that W has a bracelet (not that he wears one) and that he supports the LAF.

a lot of people are coming here looking for where they can buy an LAF bracelet. you can order them from the wear yellow store, but they don’t have any in stock there, so you can check your local niketown to see if they have any left.


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