so furious right now. long story short – remember how i called kerry and edwards spineless? well now we know why they weren’t so forthcoming about their platform. at the dnc, john kerry announced that details of all their stances were at the website, so i went there, searched high and low and couldn’t find anything about their stance on gay marriage or anything even with the word gay or homosexual on the whole web site. i saw margaret cho complaining about who they hadn’t taken a stance yet either and thought we must be wrong. i know this is a divisive issue but figured that even if they didn’t talk about it, that they must have snuck a stance in on the website.

so i ran a google search, and the word gay does actually appear on the website, but isn’t mentioned in the platform sections at all. there are plenty of press releases about the defeat of the anti-gay marriage ammendment and that sort of thing, there’s even a statement from kerry basically admitting he didn’t vote against the ammendment but would have if it reached a final vote. gee, thanks.

now we find out why they’ve been avoiding the issue so vigorously. while campaigning in kansas edwards and kerry finally grew some balls and said point blank they oppose gay marriage – oh but they favor civil unions. gee thanks guys. i can’t believe i’m gonna vote for these dumbasses. the only consolation is that at least they are against a federal ban on gay marriage.


One Response to “ARGH!”

  1. 1 Mark

    Though I understand and share in your feeling, just keep repeating, “Anybody but Bush…Anybody but Bush…Anybody but Bush” and you’ll start to feel better.

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