now i’m pissed


this week INFURIATED me politically. after going to see outfoxed with craig on last sunday, i was finally coming to terms with kerry and edwards keeping quiet on gay issues. the documentary pointed out the republicans are using these issues to divide the country, when in truth, there are more important things and republicans don’t want people thinking about the economy or the soldiers dying or the environment. so for the greater good i tried to let go.

but then kerry opened his big mouth and fucked it up for me again. this time not about gay issues. he actually said that knowing what we know now – that there weren’t any WMDs in iraq and whatnot – that he still would have voted for us to go to war (if he voted, that is). i can’t believe it. at this point, other than the fact that he might not be as stupid or duplicitous (can you actually be both?), i can’t see how this man is going to be better for this country than bush. his plan to create more jobs?

the coup de grace was all the gay related news yesterday. the governor of new jersey was about to be blackmailed by some dude he shagged, so he came out publicly, announcing he would step down in november. he had to step down because he campaigned with his wife and daughter and basically was having a gay affair. he never would have lasted in office. the only redeeming fact was that he made a really cool speech when coming out.

on the same day, the california supreme court voted to anull all of the gay marriage licenses issued here in san francisco – over 4000 of them. the supreme court is actually dealing with gay marriage here in two separate suits. one to determine the legality of the licenses, the other to determine if gay marriage is actually protected under the california constitution. they sort of handled it backwards, taking on the licenses first, but they did that so that they could slap gavin on the wrist, even if they decide gay marriage is ok. still that’s an awful thing to do to all those couples, especially if the court later decides that gay marriage is actually legal here.


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