dear city of san francisco


thank you for repaving 6th ave north of golden gate park. it means so much to us cyclists who use that route to exit the park bound for the inner richmond. it’s so pleasant now compared to the pothole and crack ridden street it used to be.

dear motorcycle cop somewhere in the mission, san francisco,

even cops are intrigued by the vtr, i’m used to it by now. i used to be scared that cops were about to give me tickets, but now when they stare at me and my bike i assume they just want to figure out what they’re looking at. so today there was a cop who had his blinkers on warding traffic away from an ambulance or fire truck or somethin across an intersection from me. i didn’t pass the cop, instead i turned left at the intersection before i even got to where he was. i kept going about my business and noticed the cop had pulled away and had started following me, but not too close. i hadn’t broken any traffic laws so i assumed he was trying to check out my bike or maybe get around me. he stayed to my right, so i stayed on the left of the lane expecting him to pass on my right and do whatever he was waiting to do. at a stop sign the cop pulls up next and mumbles something. i pop up my visor and the cop says “do you have a motorcycle license?” i took the cop literally and answered “of course.” “ok” he says and pulls away to turn right. weirdest thing a cop has ever done to me on the bike by far. what was up with that, huh?


2 Responses to “dear city of san francisco”

  1. 1 Ali

    Yo! I cant agree with you more on the road thing… I think the same thing every time i come back into the city from my city loop ride.

  2. 2 Mark

    Maybe he was hitting on you? 🙂

    Years ago I was pulled over by the CHP. My infraction? Having two yellow headlamps. Except I didn’t. My FZR600 had a standard bulb in the left socket and a yellow bulb in the right, all very legal. On the freeway shoulder, CHP man gets upset with me because I dismount on left, like I always do. He wanted me to dismount on the right. Excuuuuuse me! When CHP man tells me he pulled me over for two yellow headlamps I say, “But I don’t.” “I saw them.” “But I don’t have them.” CHP man walks directly in front of my bike (very dangerous, should I have been a wee bit more agressive) and clearly sees I have one white and one yellow lamp. He looks flustered. He cups his hands around one of the lamps and sticks his face against his hands, like he’s peering through a closed window. Then he peers through the other lamp. Says he, “Uh, they looked yellow.” As he slouched back to his cruiser he said, “You have to get rid of that [aftermarket] exhaust.” Had to have the last word. I laughed the rest of the day.

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