i don’t know what this is


so there’s something going on. something sneaky and underground. it starts at this i love bees site. there is a contdown clock that reaches zero on this tuesday, and if you bounce around enough in the site, clicking on links, there is a list of gps coordinates with times. so i, in a fit of ADD inspired obsession, determined which of these coords were in san francisco, and thanks to topozone i have no figured out street locations of each of these coordinates. if you are looking for something to do on tuesday before you go to work, on your lunch break, or after you get off, here is someplace to go. i have NO idea what will happen if anything at any of these locations, but rest assured i’ll be at at least one of them.

NEW INFO: these are all locations of payphones. be at the phone at the right time and answer a question (or two) right to get some more clues from a recording. the girl’s nickname is operator, her passphrase is jersey.

  • geary just west of union square
    37.787249 -122.408630
    08:59 PDT

  • dead center of fort mason
    37.862998 -122.490357
    09:26 PDT

  • powell st., west side of cable car turn around
    37.784899 -122.407931
    12:50 PDT

  • grant just south of columbus
    37.797956 -122.407104
    16:51 PDT

  • market st between main and beale
    37.792786 -122.396824
    17:03 PDT

  • 11th just south of market
    37.775000 -122.418330
    17:11 PDT

  • btwn geary and maiden lane, btwn grant and kearny
    37.788013 -122.404263
    18:03 PDT

One Response to “i don’t know what this is”

  1. 1 carlo

    This is strange, fo sho.

    The only one in Austin is the west side of the state capitol building @ 4:41pm. I can’t imagine whatever stunt these cats might have planned will go down too well there.

    Some of the other coordinates are out in the middle of nowhere, too, which makes this all that much wierder.

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