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i’m *this close* to 35. just about a week, actually. and i’m dreading it. it’s not that i feel old, or even that i’m afraid of getting old. it’s two things. when it comes to birthdays on multiples of five i tend to evaluate my life, only to find that i’ve never accomplished at much […]

thanks to my neighbor andrew, i have fallen in love with the flashbulb, a hyper IDM composer to make fans of early afx or deiselboy scream with giddy delight. if you like that, you’ll also really like milanese. his first album drops on warp in just a few days. pogo-licious. the books are just as […]

updates to my “what has our nation become?” post… snopes sets the record straight on the pentagon crash, thus ending conspiracy theory number one. HOWEVER after the 9th district court ruled that the DOJ couldn’t keep the secret law secret from the Gilmore legal team. but now has filed a secret brief to keep the […]



tonight was another item on the growing list of indicators that i must be a serious loser – at least in the gay world. a few days ago i said fuckit and responded to some dudes personal. we’ll call him melon dude. melon dude posted a long, coherent personal in a rather unusual place. i […]

To all the j-list Otaku out there. Just because some piece of shit amateur movie is from japan or filmed in japan does NOT make it good. There is crap everywhere

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bumper sticker on a car with Mass plates: I don’t brake for Yankee fans. from “caring is creepy” by the shins: it’s a luscious mix words of tricks from kung fu (recently heard on an early kid koala mix): old man, how is that you hear these things? young man, how is it that you […]

thank you bologna! the folks at ducati have made my dreams come true. johnny let me know that next season they’ll be introducing a 620 cc version of the multistrada. my favorite bike in a size that’s more appropriate for me. sadly the gloss version isn’t available in silver and the rest of the colors […]