two great commercials


gatorade has a mystery of commercial, sports stars are thanking someone. they stand in front of a plain black background and declare him/her: an athlete, a ground breaker, a sister, and other simple compliements. did someone die? i went to gatorade’s website and it just says “thank you, mia.” ahhh, a little googling uncovers that mia hamm retired after the olympics last month. nice.

boost has a new commercial too. as always they nail it. i noticed a few months back that boost has switched their target market slightly. instead of going for the prediminantly white surfing / snowboarding crowd, they’ve switched to a more “urban” theme, hoping to draw in more of the african american kids who already seem to be signing up for their service, as well as getting the cross over from the suburban kids hoping to emulate their urban counterparts on yet another aspect. this commercial shows kanye west recording ludacris and some new guy called “the game” (i didn’t know who he was, i had to look that up too. kanye and ludacris are pretty unmistakable.) by calling them up on one of the new boost phones. the track is pretty damn good and you’re really into it by the time the commercial ends. it’s awesome. the laser focus of boost’s advertising never ceases to impress me.


One Response to “two great commercials”

  1. 1 Serge

    Yea, in this Boost commercial, what’s the name of the track?

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