what has our nation become?


and how do we take it back?

watch this video. at first you’re going to start watching this and think “great yet another crackpot hoax theory.” i thought that too. but keep watching. think about it. we heard about phone calls from people on one of the planes, but that was the one that went down in the middle of pennsylvania. we saw the planes crash into the WTC. what did we see or hear from the pentagon crash?

now check this out: i admit i’m no constitutional expert, but isn’t there constitutional protection against being charged for a crime when your actions are not known to be a crime at the time i think it’s called something about ex-post facto? isn’t there some protection about secret laws? certainly there’s unwarranted search.

i can’t believe we all continue to let this happen. what’s worse, i don’t really think that voting for kerry will stop it. maybe it really is time to get out of here. glad i already have my passport. do you?


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