bikes! bikes! bikes!



thank you bologna! the folks at ducati have made my dreams come true. johnny let me know that next season they’ll be introducing a 620 cc version of the multistrada. my favorite bike in a size that’s more appropriate for me. sadly the gloss version isn’t available in silver and the rest of the colors look pretty awful, so i’m into either the gloss black or the the matte black of the dark version (a dark multistrada, how badass is that?!)

now the only problem is what to do. thanks to some sage advice from dwight and johnny a few weeks ago, i’m only now starting to be able to make the most of my vtr 250. i could probably get more from it if i upgraded the suspension, which i had planned to do. however the suspension is like a grand to upgrade. should i pay it or should i put the money away for the multi strada? either way i can’t imagine being able to afford a new bike next year. so maybe it’s worth it to invest some cash in the vtr to improve the handling, and then buy a multi strada 620 during its second year instead of being the early adopter and rushing out to buy the first one (if i could afford it, that is). no matter what, there’s no question what my next bike is.


2 Responses to “bikes! bikes! bikes!”

  1. 1 Mark

    Looking at a 600? You’re going to have to turn in your small-bike credentials on the way out 🙂

  2. nah dude… check these bad mutherfuckers…


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