tonight was another item on the growing list of indicators that i must be a serious loser – at least in the gay world. a few days ago i said fuckit and responded to some dudes personal. we’ll call him melon dude. melon dude posted a long, coherent personal in a rather unusual place. i happened to be in the same unusual place and responded. i wasn’t melon guy’s dream boat but i was honest and he responded kindly. we traded emails and such. he was smart and cheeky and a bit flirty. so we arranged a meet. he emailed me today to tell me he had a spot all picked out and everything. the time comes and after 2 phone calls from me to melon boy, no word back on where we’re supposed to meet. in fact not a word at all. 3 hours later and still no word.

it seems everytime i’ve met a guy in the past few months, he’s actually met his next boyfriend just days (or maybe hours, who knows?) before but meets me anyway, or he just never wants to meet me at all. christ. i shower. i work out a ton so i’m in great shape. (who knows maybe i’m hopelessly ugly but can’t afford the plastic surgery to fix it.) and i’m smart enough to write complete sentences. i would say maybe i’m a desperate case for a gay version of “date patrol” but since i rarely even get to meet guys in person anymore, i don’t think it’s my dating skills that are in question.

i know i’ve said it before, but maybe it really is time to give up. just admit that the company of my friends is enough and devote my energies to more productive things than (not) dating.


2 Responses to “fuhgetaboutit”

  1. 1 Craig

    Hey, at least YOU didn’t show up to an internet date, only to meet a gorilla who looked like she ATE the girl in the photo…
    Don’t give in homie!


    a homie dont stop data but dont rush either your time will come when you and that some is ready. keep yo head up.

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