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i’ve had a tough week boys and girls, sorry i wasn’t keeping you all informed. last weekend was awesome. i had a beautiful 3 day trip up to sonoma wining and dining on someone else’s expense account. the weather was awesome, the company was lively and intelligent and the food and wine were just, well, […]

johnny wants you all to know that there’s an awesome article in this month’s vanity fair about johnny cash working with rick rubin on the “american” series. johnny was so inspired he’s now officially addicted to all 4 discs. me, i think each disc just has a few choice cuts. american iv is the biggest […]

when you read an article in an english language paper for moscow, russia about a bill in US congress that would bar judges from hearing cases where “god’s law” was in question, you think to yourself “boy do those russians make up some crazy shit.” i mean the us is god crazy, but not that […]

i’ve been meaning to write about good customer service experiences for a while. today i had a great, which reminded me i should really write about a few of ’em. The first positive experience began 18 months ago, when Shure decided they were going to start selling their in-ear headphones to civilians, not just professional […]

what a good week to lampoon this country. first, if you haven’t heard by now, bill o’reilly is in some serious trouble – apparently he has a thing for women and falafel. then john stewart kicks some ass on cross fire, totally ripping the guys a new one. and tonight, tonight launched the wonder of […]

VH1 has been airing a 3 or 4 part documentary called “and you don’t stop: 30 years of hip hop.” it’s pretty good. not as good as a few others i’ve seen but not bad considering they’re owned by mtv. yO! doesn’t play a huge part in this one, but fab five freddy makes an […]



I have so many incredibly eligible single friends, and they often have more eligible friends that Saturday night, for my birthday, I convinced all of them to come to a bar and meet each other. a lot of ’em came, no surprise. i’m not sure if any love connections were made but who knows. no […]