science returns to the people


this is so wonderful. i don’t care who won the x-prize. i think it’s kinda cool that it was
Paul Allen and Burt Rutan’s Space Ship One. What i think is so amazing is that ingenuity and technology is leaving the hands of big government agencies (or government funded research agencies) and returning to the hands of the people. I realize that for now, it’s taking a billionaire’s help to get stuff like this off the ground, but i can’t help but feel that if private citizens can develop the equivalent of the space shuttle, that maybe one day someone will develop a privately funded cure for cancer or aids or something. and make it equally accessible as these guys plan to do with rides on SS1 (virgin has already ordered one). we all know the drug companies won’t do it, though maybe a university researcher might. i can’t help but feel we’re on the edge of a new breakthrough in small private scientific development.


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