if you put up money, they will come


just two days after i was saying that the ansari X prize heralded a return of privately funded science for the public good, the prize’s founders put their money where my mouth is. they announced a new fund for new contest prizes. the new contest will be for different innovations that will benefit society — cures for disease, clean transportation, etc. pretty much exactly like i hoped. i’m in love with these guys. in fact since they encourage people to actually make something (as opposed to just say something) they may jump to the top of my list above move on and the eff.


One Response to “if you put up money, they will come”

  1. 1 Mark

    Oh, wow, comment time! It’s so nice and spacious in here…I love what you’ve done with the place! :-p

    It is good to see some of the private efforts like we’re seeing. I remember when much basic research was done privately by Bell Labs, RCA, CBS(!) and others: they funded research they may have had no prospect of exploiting but they did it anyway. Alas, most private basic research ended a long time ago under the withering gaze of Wall Street analysts who want only to pump up this quarter’s profits. I wish Paul Allen et. al. the best with what they’re doing.

    Oh, and you have good taste in non-profits, too!

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