too much good stuff


i thought i was a downloader, a media hog, til i went upstairs and raided my neighbor andrew’s music and movie stash. holy SHITE. i have so much stuff to check out now it’s overwhelming. sadly most of the stuff will probably have to wait til the weekend cuz there’s not much time to do it now. i got work, plus i’m finally get my graphix chops back so i’m doing the work i’ve promised brian for a few weeks now. that means less time to absorb all this media. i’ll work it all out and let you know what i discover though.

if you’re suffering from a lack of new music in your life, and i don’t know how you could be these days, i’ve joined the ranks of the mp3 bloggers. i’m starting slow. so here’s the deal. until i really know if i can pull this off i’m just gonna start once a week. every wednesday i’ll put a new file up on this page, with a very very short description. then i’ll put a longer one here.

my first track is one johnny and i have been searching for for a long time. see i always liked erykah badu’s “love of my life,” but i really fell in love with it back when jd and i were watching lots of mtv and we saw the video for it. in the video there’s a cut a scene with a rap breakdown feature none other than mc lyte and erykah herself before common’s rap breakdown. it was kinda popular for rap videos back then, missy elliott did it in a few of hers too. i must have downloaded 80 different files of the song hoping that one would be the right version. none of them were. then a few days ago i got a terse email with a link from johnny. he had found a stream for the video, including the coveted breakdown. using some sneaky free software i streamed the video, captured the audio track and have made it into an mp3 for you. as johnny wrote, i’m also know as the gucci girl.


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