I have so many incredibly eligible single friends, and they often have more eligible friends that Saturday night, for my birthday, I convinced all of them to come to a bar and meet each other. a lot of ’em came, no surprise. i’m not sure if any love connections were made but who knows. no matter what, i think everyone had a good time.

Even if no love connections happened at the bar, love is definitely in the air here in SF. I thought it would never come, but indian summer finally started. The weekend was warm and sunny and the good weather is continuing into the week. Good weather always brings out the beautiful people and they’re never alone.

CoupleSunday i wasn’t hung over, i think i was still drunk. so i took the bus downtown. i needed to get away from the haight and walk around. after a quick trip to the apple store, i stopped in the metreon to get a cup of coffee to enjoy as i sat out on yerba buena. there was this totally adorable couple in line with me. each of them were just naturally cute, not perfect like in magazines, but still totally hot. i left them to go sit outside among 50 other beautiful couples and one hot single dude who was practicing his capoeira gymnastics. the hot couple from the metreon came and laid down next to me. cute as they were, it got sickening sweet when they fell asleep (he was actually snoring!) in each others’ arms. that’s them sleepin. aren’t they cute?

of course all this coupling kinda makes me cranky and jealous, but at least i have the nice weather to console me.


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