mp3 wednesday: what has vh1 done?


VH1 has been airing a 3 or 4 part documentary called “and you don’t stop: 30 years of hip hop.” it’s pretty good. not as good as a few others i’ve seen but not bad considering they’re owned by mtv. yO! doesn’t play a huge part in this one, but fab five freddy makes an appearance here and there. most of the music in the documentary is from before 1995, but not from the early 80s save for “rapture” since it’s all based on which singles made it to video. That got me thinking of a ton of old skool jams. and while i was thinking of sharing a new tune that was clearly influenced by the classics like “a roller skating jam called saturday night” or even a new roots joint called “boom,” i had to give you a true old school tune. back before dr. dre and ed lover (and the ed lover dance), there were very few rap videos for fab 5 freddy to play. i remember EPMD, Big Daddy Kane, Kool Moe D, and few others. But pete rock and c.l.smooth didn’t just make a video, they found a break that would be heard over and over, even on the commercial breaks for the first few episodes of yO! and so i give you one of the breaks heard round the world.


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