i’m not sure i stopped laughing


what a good week to lampoon this country. first, if you haven’t heard by now, bill o’reilly is in some serious trouble – apparently he has a thing for women and falafel. then john stewart kicks some ass on cross fire, totally ripping the guys a new one. and tonight, tonight launched the wonder of Team America: World Police on the world. if you haven’t seen it already, go. now! not only is it funny, it’s tirelessly funny. It doesn’t let up. the songs alone are worth the 10 bucks. fuck yeah!


One Response to “i’m not sure i stopped laughing”

  1. 1 Mark

    I was disappointed with Stewart’s appearance on Crossfire. Perhaps he was overwhelmed but it all, but I thought he was borderline inarticulate. It was hoping he’d give them a good thrashing (as he does to the high and mighty on his own show) but instead he was reduced to literally begging, “Please stop. Please stop.”

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